Geo-Fresh Story

Geo-Fresh Story

Organicana started as an initiative to promote healthy, ecofriendly living in India and today, after completing an eventful year in this service we can proudly say that we are progressively heading towards fulfilling our objective. What started as a general interest in organic farming, gathered momentum in an attempt to deliver food that ushers in harmony and wellness in the quality of our lives and the lives around us.


With a wide variety of organic and natural products under our umbrella, we aim at providing healthy food consumable on the go. We offer nutritious and fresh alternatives to everyday food items, playing a part in India’s contribution to the world organic revolution. We intend to become an innovative and trustworthy brand by continuing to deliver quality organic and natural products for healthy and conscious living.


At Organicana we believe in supporting sustainable, natural and organic agricultural practices that aid, honor and safeguard our environment. The guiding philosophies of our company comprise of well-being and happiness for all beings and great reverence for our planet which sustains humanity and acts as natural providers of ample nourishing foods. We, being on top of the food chain, have a natural responsibility to create and sustain a supportable environment for all.


Our products are produced with 100% organic ingredients.


Come, discover Organicana and be a part of the organic revolution.